high-risk-auto-insuranceIt would only take overnight to label you as a risky and careless driver and it would only take few claims and tickets for you to get dumped by your car insurance company.

Drivers who have violations, accidents or bad driving records may find themselves out from their insurance company’s shadow. Most often than not, insurance companies are no longer interested in offering auto insurance to drivers who are accident-prone.

However, there is still a great solution left for a risky driver like you. If you don’t know yet, high risk auto insurance is at your disposal for insurance coverage and risk assessment.

What is high risk auto insurance?

High risk car insurance or “non-standard insurance” is a special policy intended for drivers who are likely to get themselves involved into accidents more often than usual.

Moreover, the premiums or rates offered to drivers who are seeking “non-standard insurance” are far higher than standard car insurance premiums. This additional cost was triggered by the fact that high risk drivers are statistically proven to be accident-prone thus resulting to more insurance claims.

Though high risk auto insurance policies are written with minimum coverage, solid terms and far expensive than any regular policies, you are still entitled in lowering the cost of your “non-standard insurance.”

Below are the lists that you can do to reduce your payments for high risk auto insurance. Read on!

Research. High risk insurance companies vary in some rates. You can do online searches and get quotes from different companies. You can also contact insurance agents near your place and get free insurance coverage quote. With this, you can compare the rates offered then pick the ideal high risk insurance company for you.

Get a discount. It can be expensive to have a “non-standard insurance” therefore asking for any premium reduction can be a big help. Car bundle, multivehicle and safe vehicle discounts are the most common discounts offered by auto insurance.


Build up your driving record. If you want to be qualified for standard insurance, then you must improve your driving records. Your vehicle should meet the safely requirements and holds latest vehicle registration. Also, being cautions and practicing safe driving will be a great factor in having higher limits and better rate and coverage.


Give focus on your payment history. If you have been ineligible for standard insurance because of low credit or you have a history of non-payment that leads to cancellation by your previous insurer, this is the time to focus and clear your payment history. Make sure to have good credit scores and payment history with your high risk insurance company for you to be eligible for standard insurance policies.


Get an upgrade. If you have improved your credit score and driving record, you can now request to upgrade your insurance policy into standard policy. However, if the insurance company you are currently in does not offer standard coverage, then look for another insurance company.


It may be too late for you to avoid falling down into high risk auto insurance but you can always find a way to get on the right track. Just follow the above tips, practice risk-free driving then free yourself from headache and huge financial obligations.




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