car-insurance-for-college-studentsBeing a college student is tough especially studying far away from home. That is why; almost every student needs to drive a car to school for convenience and less pressure. However, owning your own car is difficult and acquiring car insurance for college students is much harder.

Facts of life pertaining to car insurance for college students:

There is no easy way to find cheap car insurance for college students unless you are either crafty or just lucky. College students pay more for car insurance because they are young and are believed to be inexperienced. Though this perception might not necessarily meet reality, car insurance companies will consider you novice and reckless unless you prove them to be wrong.

Tips on getting the best car insurance for college students

If you are planning to get car insurance, here are the following tips that could help you with your endeavor.

First, make sure that you already have a clear driving license and have no previous convictions.

Make sure that you can pay the bills on time to have a clean and good credit history.

Do not rely on the insurance form instead always be honest with the insurance company. This is because if ever you have your accident and they do find that you have light on the form, they may void your insurance.

Do online internet searches for comparison. Select the car insurance company that will give you the best security and affordability.

If you cannot find the car insurance that is affordable for your budget, go under your parents’ car insurance and be the named driver.

Factors that may affect your car insurance rate

Some of the car insurance companies seem hesitant in giving approval to college students. This is because according to AAA, teens rank among the most dangerous drivers on the road.

However, there are some tactics you can apply to work the system on your favor:

Get High Grades in School – having good grades means focusing on your lessons which also means you do not have enough time for partying. This will give car insurance companies presumption that you are less to drive under the influence of alcohol or any drug and they will offer you lower rates.

Gender – this is one of the reasons why it is better to be a girl. Boys, more particularly teens, are considered more risky and they are offered with higher rates.

School Location – higher rates are given to students who drive on larger cities because they are presumed to be more prone to traffic accidents.

Car Type – basically, expensive cars have higher premiums because their repairs are more costly.

Good Credit History – a good credit rating can make insurance companies give you lower premiums.

Safety Features – airbags, electronic stability system, alarms and other safety features may help you lower your cost.

Driving Record – obviously, this is the most important factor car insurance companies look at.

For many teens, going to college means synonymous with independence. However, if you cannot afford your own car insurance for college students, it is better to consider your parents’ car insurance and just let yourself be named as the car driver.


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